April 21


  • reminder: “Making Of” projects due next Thursday!
  • discuss end-of-the-semester schedule
  • discuss final reflection essays
  • project group meeting
  • group time

April 12


  • introduction to “Making Of . . .” unit
  • Project Groups


  • get cracking on this last module!!

March 29


  • discuss lab day on Thursday?
  • discuss marketing project cycle
  • intro to the Fundance Film Festival Vimeo Group

Project Groups


  • read: the “Sense of Wonder” column  from Cinefantastiquemagazine
  • post a hypothetical press junket interview with yourself (just go with it). press junkets, where members of the press drill stars and filmmakers about new films in order to garner soundbites and quotes for articles, are incredibly common and a cornerstone of the relationship between studios and other media. These tend to be extremely brief, so write up 5-8 interview questions pertaining to one of your roles so far (screenwriter, director, editor, lighting designer, costumer, actor, whatever) and then answer them on your blog.
  • get the word out about the screening and upload any trailers you make to Vimeo ***PLEASE let me know when you’ve uploaded something so that I can direct the UI-7 coordinator to your videos. She can upload them to the channel from there.

March 10


  • discuss film aesthetics (“the future” in Star WarsAlien, and Blade Runner)
  • Project Meeting

project groups


  • read: 2 “Master Class” interviews
  • watch another “Master Class” film by a different director than the one you previously viewed and post a response
  • research someone with your job duties and post on what you find/that process (tip: a good place to start is IMDB.com)

March 8


  • discuss “Master Class” movies
  • discuss relationship between film form and content
  • discuss homage and pastiche
  • screen: Psycho shower scene and discuss our production code
  • Project Meeting

project groups


  • read: 1 “Master Class” interview
  • post about adapting from script to screen: what is your role in this? what did you keep or change from the original screenplay? why?
  • watch a special feature of any film dealing with (at least one of) your job duties and post on that process/what you found

    March 3


    • activity: production positions
    • discuss adapting words to images – “sketching” stories
    • activity: “Conversations” with the Star Wars Cantina Scene
    • “Jenica’s Theory of Past Lives in Cinema”
    • Project Meeting

    project groups (20+ min)


    • read: 1 “Master Class” interview
    • read: “Avoid that Puddle!”
    • listen to a director’s commentary (or a comparable supplementary audio track relating to your job duties) of a film you have seen before and post on it
    • “finding inspiration”: review your three words – how can they help you/guide you in your present filmmaking endeavor? what’s your vision, your inspirations, your references for your job? what is it you want to convey to the audience, about the story?
    • watch a movie you’ve never seen before directed by one of the Master Class directors you’ve read and post a response
    • OPTIONAL: read: Bordwell and Thompson chapter


    March 1

    Work Day!!

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